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A Brief History of the World

  • Slyrn, the Heart of the World, is coming to an end. The sky darkens, the sun rises for smaller and smaller periods of time, the earth is dry, crops and forests are dying. It’s the end.
  • 7 capitals exist, and many people refuse to leave their homes behind: they survived a lot, why wouldn’t they survive this?
  • Monsters are starting to appear a lot on the roads. Some talk of shapeshifting creatures bent on capturing travellers.
  • Small cities have almost disappeared, leaving ghost towns behind. Large cities are still inhabited by a few stern souls, but most living beings stay within the safety of the 7 capitals.
  • Dragons enslaved humans a long time ago but were banished and vanquished by the gods, guardians of the cities.
  • Humans are cursed, a remain from the war against Dragons. They all feel, at some point in their life, a terrible urge to flee the protection of the cities and to wander deep into the wilderness. Do not answer the Call, for it is the Dragon’s Curse placed upon you. So speak the Seven Gods.

The Seven Cities

Ankhel, The Thousand Nobles
Asharet, The Burning Web
Ekhseris, The Divine Catacombs
Kalnor, The Lonely Bastion
Rhyll, The Glacial Fort
Sharn, The Wall in the Sea
Velsor, Everrain Steppes

The Seven Gods

Iltia, the World Sculptress
Ufris, the Golden Flame
Odos, the Sleepless Lord
Kearus, the Dreaming King
Mythar, the Frozen Champion
Xeclios, the Blind Sentinel
Yrrus, the Mourning Oracle


Gathering of the Seven
Band of the Aurora
Congregation of the Dragons
Templars of the Dusk
The Whispers
The Blue Legion

Oddities and Landmarks

Lanterns of Ufris
Runic Pillars
The Sword Grave

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